Jenny Nayar is an ace game designer and girlfriend of Akaashi in the film, Ra.One. She is from India, and used to work for Barron, designing games.

After consecutive flop games, Barron threatened to shut down their department and open a restaurant, launching Shekhar into drawing up plans for the game Ra.One. Jenny asked him if he was doing this for Prateek, and smiled. She did the programming, while her colleague and boyfriend Akaashi implemented the movements of the characters. Jenny used Shekhar's face for G.One, and made him and Akaashi come up with new names for the characters, Ra.One and G.One. Akaashi, Shekhar, Jenny and Sonia danced together in the party following the release of the game, where Akaashi sang to Jenny in Hindi, and also gave her a rose. Akaashi loved Jenny.

After Shekhar's death, Jenny was convinced by Prateek that Ra.One had escaped into the Virtual World. While Prateek was trying to contact Akaashi through her cellphone (Ra.One had assumed Akaashi's form and was then at Akaashi's house with his mother), she discovered her bestie Akaashi's corpse mangled precariously on the live electric wires, sticking out horribly as cables snapped, leading Prateek and a crestfallen Jenny to deduce that Akaashi was killed by Ra.One too, and that Ra.One was in his disguise. Having killed Akaashi's mom, Ra.One arrived to kill Lucifer (Prateek) before Jenny assured the boy that she would manage everything. After a brain wave from Prateek, Jenny installed the H.A.R.T in G.One and thus helped save Sonia and Prateek from Ra.One after G.One came to life through her computer. She later visited Sonia six months later when they returned to London, when Prateek succeeded in reviving G.One.