G.One Cool
SpeciesElectrical Android
ActorShahrukh Khan

G.One (Hindi: जी.वन; pronounced Jeevan, literally Good One) is the main character of the film Ra.One.

He was created by Shekhar Subramanium who also created the character's game. He looks identical to Shekhar and both are portrayed by SRK.

Appearance Edit

G.One has fair skin, black spiky hair and shining blue eyes. He wears a metallic dark blue suit with blue markings in his arms and chest, flowing with blue electrical energy, and black gloves. His H.A.R.T. is located in the right upper part of his chest. He wears a silver metallic belt with blue squared buckles and a silver G emblem in the middle, black cargo pants and shoes.

Personality Edit

G.One is an android made of electrical circuits, coming to the real world by traveling through the electromagnetic waves that surround it.[1][2] When he first meets Sonia and Prateek, he is only programmed to follow instrutions given to him by Lucifer (Prateek), and whenever he is given a command, he utters 'Decision Taken'. He cannot understand human emotions as they are not compatible with his syntax, and he almost has no facial expressions. However, when he is proved right, he does smile.

What makes G.One endearing is his special bond with Prateek Subramanium (Lucifer), which also causes him to be Ra.One's enemy, as Ra.One wants to kill him.

History Edit

When Shekhar's son gives him the idea of creating a game in which the villain is stronger than the hero, he quickly develops Ra.One, with G.One being the hero, but less powerful. The night when Ra.One is launched, Shekar's son, Prateek, plays the game facing Ra.One with his nickname Lucifer, while everyone is partying. Akashi, a game designer, then detects a problem with the game, and is very worried when he reads the message "Lucifer shall die". Just as Shekhar is about to go home, Akashi stops him and tells him that the game will not shut off. Shekhar tells his wife and son to go home, saying he'll be back in a few hours. He does see the problem just as Ra.One comes out of the game, kills Akashi and takes his form. Shekhar, upon seeing the framework where Ra.One's model was standing broken and seeing the body of Akashi, leaves the building and heads home to warn his family about Ra.One. He is stopped by Ra.One, who asks him if he was Lucifer. Shekhar, in a desperate attempt to save his son, lies that he is indeed Lucifer. But Ra.One scans his ID card and comes to know that he is lying. He kills him in the street and dumps him with his Volkswagen into the river.

After Shekhar's funeral, Shekhar's wife, Sonia, sees no point in staying in the UK and decides to move to India, but Prateek notices burn marks in the street showing Shekhar's death was not an accident and tries to find what killed him. He comes to know the truth, and conveys it to one of his father's co-workers, who believes him after seeing the evidence and realises that the only way to stop Ra.One is G.One, who is still in the game. She uses exactly the same way to bring G.One out of the game but fails the first time. Then Prateek notices the H.A.R.T, connects it to G.One's mannequin and succeeds. The first thing G.One does is to fight Ra.One. He takes Ra.One by surprise and succeeds in taking out his H.A.R.T. After the fight, Sonia gets ready to leave for India along with Prateek, but realises in the last moment that G.One has to come with them. Thus they all go to India and begin living in Shekhar's old house. It is shown that Sonia and Prateek begin thinking that G.One has Shekhar's soul in himself. G.One was designed to look like Shekhar and he'd also put a folder of proverbs in him that enables him to say Shekhar's favorite sayings. G.One struggles to understand emotions and claims it is not part of his programming.

Throughout the film, the three bond and Sonia and Prateek develop strong feelings towards G.One. Then Ra.One recreates himself and continues his search. After playing many bizarre tricks, he manages to kidnap Prateek and hypnotise Sonia. G.One first saves Sonia and then tries to save Prateek. But in order to do that, he has to face Ra.One. He survives the first two levels, but in Level 3, Ra.One creates an illusion which divides him into 10 exact copies of him, and challenges G.One to shoot him in the H.A.R.T. First both G.One and Prateek are confused, then Prateek realises that the key is hidden in his father's sayings. He thinks of the last saying in G.One's folder- "Every bad-doer leaves a shadow behind" and notices that of the 10 Ra.Ones, only one has a shadow. G.One shoots him in his H.A.R.T. and kills him. The pieces of Ra.One shower down from the explosion and G.One protects Prateek from them. G.One dies from this after saying he thinks he will miss Prateek. He returns with Ra.One's pieces in him back to the game world, telling Prateek that this was the plan all along.

6 months later, it is shown that Prateek and Sonia have moved back to London. Prateek has been trying very hard to resurrect G.One, as he has his H.A.R.T., which had been partially destroyed. He finally manages to repair the H.A.R.T. and G.One reappears, and it is hinted that G.One will continue to live with Sonia and Prateek.

Powers and Abilities Edit

He is made of electricity and is programmed to protect. He is infused with powers to fly, speak different languages and control probability amongst other things. G.One’s powers are centered in his H.A.R.T. (Hertz-Amplifying Resonance Transmitter).

G.One is not as powerful as his arch-nemesis as Shekhar made Ra.One more powerful so he could impress his son, Prateek.

Electrical Manipulation Edit

G.One can control and absorb blue electricity which he can use to heal himself and discharge it as energy orbs. However, compared to Ra.One's power, it is less effective.

H.A.R.T.-Disabling GunEdit

After reaching level 3, both G.One and Ra.One can manifest guns which contain one bullet which can disable a H.A.R.T. if it strikes one of them while the body and the hart are connected. G.One's gun resembles a double-barrelled pistol.


G.One can cure a person who was being controlled by Ra.One. However, this ability is not completely verifiable, as Sonia is the only person G.One cures.

Suction and propulsion jumpEdit

G.One can jump huge distances using his Suction and Propulsion shoes.

Massive strengthEdit

G.One has superhuman strength. However, in contrast to Ra.One, it is far less.


  • His full designation and model number is G-Series X-555.[3]

Gallery Edit

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