Vaseegaran with his Fiancée Sana

Dr. Vaseegaran is a scientist in robotics played by Superstar Rajinikanth in the Tamil film Enthiran.

In the film, he is shown to be kind and caring, and especially hard-working as he had been researching for a decade. Finally he is able to create his own robot, whom his mother names after the brother he never had- Chitti Babu. However, many problems and mishaps

Vaseegaran researching

happen because Chitti doesn't understand human behaviour and emotions. When Vaseegaran teaches him about them, Chitti falls in love with his fiancée which causes more conflict between them. Eventually angered by Chitti, he literally chops

Vaseegaran and Sana

the robot into pieces and "kills" it.

However, his boss (Dr. Bohra) finds Chitti "dead". Dr. Bohra revives Chitti and adds a red chip to turn him into a ruthless destructive machine. Chitti crashes Vaseegaran's marriage with Sana (his fiancée) and goes on to destroy the whole city. Chitti duplicates himself and creates thousands of clones of himself. However, Vaseegaran manages to dress up as a clone and he manages to defeat Chitti. Chitti, however, due to the damages he caused, had to be dismantled.

Giving his goodbyes tearfully, Vaseegaran said bye to his own creation.