Arjun-Rampal 3

Arjun Rampal

Arjun Rampal is an Indian model-turned Bollywood Actor. He is an award-winning actor.

He acted in the role of the main antagonist and villain of the film Ra.One, which is also named after his character, Ra.One. His character is based on the mythological villain Ravana (of the Ramayana),both of whom are supposedly "equally bad". Arjun Rampal's character, Ra.One was heavily guarded and kept under strict wraps. The entire filming unit required to keep mobile phones away from shooting locations, and signing non-disclosure agreements.The first look of the character was initially scheduled to be revealed on the eve of Dussehra. However, due to certain technical glitches, it was later released to the media during the film's audio launch in Tamil at Sathyam Cinemas, Chennai.