Akaashi's mom was a Chinese woman who gave birth to Akaashi, and was a minor character in the film, Ra.One.

In her appearances, she seems to be elderly and geriatric. Shekhar and his wife Sonia greeted her politely on the release of Ra.One. She enjoyed herself during the party that followed. Her son Akaashi stayed to sort out defects in the game. Ra.One killed Akaashi and assumed his guise.

After killing Akaashi and Shekhar, Ra.One returned to Akaashi's family home to his mother. He killed her for good measure by slitting her throat with an ashtray plate cup hung on the grille of her house, in diapers, crudely proclaiming, " I hate Chinese!"

Having claimed her life contentedly and ensuring the extinction of Akaashi's family, Ra.One set out to find Lucifer.